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  3. detailsdetales:

    Dante and Virgile in Hell, detail (1850)

    William-Adolphe Bouguereau

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  5. otfilms:

    Jean‑Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg behind the scenes in À bout de souffle (Breathless), 1960. 

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  6. duoyen:

    Teorema, Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1968

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  7. aarcadien:

    Salvador Dali – Ménagère (Cutlery Set) 1957

    Six pieces (silver-gilt) comprising of two forks, two knives and two enameled spoons.

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  8. twin peaks interiors/exteriors

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  9. theaterforthepoor:

    Louis Garrel / “The Dreamers” / dir. Bernardo Bertolucci / 2003

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  10. blue-voids:

    Zerkalo (The Mirror), 1975 - dir. Andrej Tarkovskij

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  11. catastrofe:

    martedì Moretti (3/3: ce lo siamo sempre meritato, Alberto Sordi)

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  13. I’d never taken a drug before Gummo, but as soon as that was over I started flirting with heroin, because making films was all I ever wanted, and once that was done I was just bored. And my problems, my violence, they all stem from boredom, and when I did that drug it was the first time I could just sit and feel blissful, you know? But in the end it’s a lie. So I went back to the anger. And I’m comfortable knowing that without the work I’d kill myself, because I feel like I’m here for one reason, and that’s to create.

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  15. Come si fa ad essere ricordati?